Continual Process Improvement

Our structured approach to continual process improvement provides a system, tools and techniques to enable you to measure and improve the performance of your processes; targeting and supporting your improvement resource for maximum effect.

Process improvement techniques are applicable to administrative processes such as Quotation & Sales Order Entry, Production Control, Purchasing etc, as well as manufacturing processes.

Simple steps to understanding and improving your processes:-

  • Define the Process.
  • Process mapping.
  • Understand your customers’ requirements.
  • What is demanded, what is expected, what will excite?
  • Understand the capability of your process.
  • Identify critical parameters to measure, collect & analyse data.
  • Measure, monitor and control process performance.
  • Run chart, control chart, SPC.
  • Investigate sources and causes of poor performance and variation.
  • Pareto, cause and effect, scatter diagram.
  • Plan and manage process improvements.

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