Strategic Business Objectives

Refresh your improvement processes and re-focus your resources!

Does your improvement process look like this?

Improvement System

You have data about performance of your business system and processes.
You have set objectives and targets for improvement.
But how well do you know the effectiveness of your objectives and resource deployment to achieve your targets? Maintaining visibility and control can be very complex.

Focussing on your specific business needs as well as the requirements of ISO9000 and ISO14000, Clark Quality can carry out a professional audit of your improvement processes.

We will provide you with a quantified analysis of your resource deployment to achieve your improvement objectives throughout your organisation.

Our analysis will show:

  • How well your business objectives are supported at each level of your organisation.
  • The profile of your actual resource deployment compared with your strategic priorities.
  • Progress towards achievement of your objectives and targets.
  • Areas where resource deployment should be adjusted to improve performance.